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Ignite Your Creative Spark and Fill Your Life with More Creativity, Purpose & Joy Than You Ever Dreamed Possible

If you have been feeling that “divine discontent” in your busy life or have gone through a life transition and are looking for the “next chapter” of your life, take a moment, step out of your usual routine and stop by the Judgment Free Zone of the Joyful Artist Studio & Creative Lab where you can create, have fun and connect.

Come and be surprised by what you can create. Because we  ALL have a Joyful Artist who lives inside us! Bring your Joyful Artist out to play! Come and create and make art 20140821without judgment. Live in the now. Reach inside yourself and nurture your inner Joyful Artist.

Doesn’t really matter what transition you are going through or have been through – had a baby, had kids leave home, had adult kids move back home, got divorced, retired, moved here from somewhere else – if you are in the spot where you are looking for more meaningful connections and more fun and creativity in your next chapter of life, come on over. You are one of us.class

We are a tribe of women who seek to live joyfully (although we do welcome men to join us as long as you identify with our tribal mission).  We seek spiritual meaning. We seek to know ourselves better.  We seek to live our life purpose. We seek to do better, have more fuCAM00747200n and be more creative in our next chapter of life. Whether you just want to re-ignite your creativity or are seeking to find and monetize your life’s passion, we offer support and assistance in the Creative Lab.

No Art Experience Required!

Don’t worry if you don’t have art experience. All the skills you need at the Joyful Artist Studio & Creative Lab you learned in grade school – scissors, glue, paint. You can do this!

  • Put away your Inner Critic for a few hours and come hang out.
  • Let your left brain take a break.
  • Be in The Now
  • Play and have some fun
  • Bring out your inner Joyful Artist with our art classes and workshops.

Get Your Sparkle On!!!


It’s all about play and creativity because those are the moments when you are living in the 10450324_769288386455136_8720676373539213815_o now – we don’t think that we can do that anymore as adults.  And we don’t get an opportunity to use play and creativity So come over to the Joyful Artist Studio & Creative Lab and create something, have fun and connect with friends you haven’t met yet.

Paint Your Purpose Workshop!

Can you come out and play with the Joyful Artist?

  • CAM00757Paint

  • Collage

  • Make Crafts

  • Creative Circle Fridays

  • Spiritual Journaling

  • Intuitive Painting

  • Wine and Paint

Get the studio Updates over on the right column. That way we can stay in touch and I can invite you to come out and play at any public events! You’ll be surprised  how much fun you’ll have with the Joyful Artist!

61514Gather around the artist table and awaken your creative spirit. Nothing more complicated than choosing a paint color or a special bedazzled jewel, and before you know it, you are in the flow and SMILING! Living in The Moment…

Create & Have Some Fun With Friends and the Joyful Artist!