2014 Vision Boards

Many of us have created Vision Boards in the past and most people are at least familiar with the concept. When you envision clearly your dreams, it makes it more likely you’ll attain them is the theory. So you create a visual representation of your dreams and goals and place it someplace where you will see it frequently and reaffirm your commitment to the goals and dreams.

When is the last time you actually sat down and thought about where you are headed? Vision boards help you clarify, focus or maintain action in a specific area or life goal. There are some other names for them too: Treasure Maps, Creativity Collages, and Visual Explorer are some of the other names they go by.

vision-boardThe Secret movie (and then the book) really publicized the use of Vision Boards. They add clarity to your dreams, and feeling to your goals.  You can make different versions too.

Different Types of Vision Boards

1. Goals are clear – Let’s Manifest it Now – you are already very clear on what you want and just want to keep it in the forefront so you keep moving toward your well-defined goals.

2. Dreaming & Manifesting – you are not at all clear about how or where this change will happen but you know you are ready for it, if only you knew what it was.

3. Special Themes – of course there is the ever-popular Relationship Board, but it can really be any theme at all – career, relationships, family, gratitude, the year ahead.


If you don’t have a vision board or it’s time to update yours, check out the Vision Board sessions we’ve got scheduled in November as a two-part session for the Creative Circle and again on January 11th, a Saturday afternoon. The workshop fee is reasonable so everyone can come and make a 2014 Vision Board!

Session fee (includes both parts of the 2-session or the 4 hour version) of $25 includes all materials – a foam board (10 x 15 or 20 x 30) and all the bling and tissue paper and magazines we’ve got on hand. Feel free to bring along clippings and small items for your board.

Additional Session: Sunday, January 26th, 2014 from 1 – 4 pm

P.S. There’s a bunch of action at the Studio and Creative Lab! On Sunday we’re having Collage from the Soul…and stay tuned for a BIG announcement this week!


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    1. Planning for some virtual workshops but don’t have anything scheduled just yet. If you are on the mailing list you will find out when they start!

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