52 Creativity Boosters E Book

Are You Ready to Boost Your Creativity?

Creativity can ebb and flow like the tide. The problem is the tide goes out and your creativity doesn’t always feel like it came back in. We all go through a funk now and then. If you have lost your zest for life and are feel BLAH, get this little ebook with 52 creativity boosters.

You will be immediately inspired by the simple, small steps that can boost your creativity. Along with each step is a beautiful picture to add even more creativity to your day. As soon as your purchase is complete, I will immediately send you the ebook.

getcreativeecoverCreativity Boosters All Year Long!

I have found that often people get an ebook and look through it, maybe take a few actions, and then it sits on their computer drive. I want you to continue to be inspired throughout the year.

So each week for a full year, I will send you a Creativity Booster reminder email. that’s right, each week I will email one Creativity Booster so you can implement them over the whole year.

Are You Willing to Risk $7 for a Year of Creativity?

This is a big bargain at only $7 – you get the ebook immediately so you can boost your creativity right away, and then each week I will send one of the Creativity Boosters in your email, to keep you creative all year long. It is priced to be in everyone’s budget!

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