About Me

Pamela S WynnHi. I’m Pam. Known across the web as “Pamela S. Wynn” because, as it turns out, there are a bunch of Pam Wynn’s running around! If you Google me you’re going to find a bunch of divorce-related information because for almost 30 years I was a teacher, social worker and divorce lawyer in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Here I am chillin’ on a legal pillar.SEARS17 (WinCE)crop

I always knew I was different from other lawyers and I practiced law in non-traditional ways, specializing for the past six years in developing a Peacemaking Practice with mediation and Collaborative Divorce as the center piece.

My Teaching Career

All through my legal career, and even before it started, I’ve been a teacher. I have taught all levels of classes – from kindergarten class through Master’s level workshops.

With the little ones, my time teaching was in Costa Rica and in Chapter One schools in Language Arts programs. I’ve substituted and served as guest speaker in middle and high schools for more than 30 years.

My college teaching continues as an Adjunct Professor at Palm Beach State College in Lake Worth. You can catch me during Summer A Term. 🙂

Are You Happy and Joyful?

While I still teach one semester each year and mediate for family law cases, Igot unstuck and finally reached the point in my life where I’m ready to live a full out, wind-in-my-hair, warp speed, fabulous life.

If you are feeling stuck, I created a short e-course to help your Get Unstuck Now

For years I was fascinated by what made people happy with their work. I wrote papers about it at college, did original research, and even got trained as a True Purpose coach in 2010. I dreamed of opening a women’s “summer camp” where we could just play and have fun. All the while I was tweaking my law practice, trying to make it fit.

And then my mom got diagnosed with dementia and it changed everything.

Values got clarified.

Priorities became clear.

For most of a year I did not work much as I watched her slip away bit by bit. I made the trip north to see her every six weeks that year and I don’t regret it one bit. Through hours of sitting with her I finally understood. All she ever wanted for was for her kids to be happy.

During the same time I was introduced to Nadine Hamil and her Artful Dreamer Studio. Something inside me was rekindled as I made connections with women and created art.  When her studio closed I immediately knew that I wanted to create a space where women can connect and create. It was almost a “download” that wove together so many of my previous explorations into purpose, passion and connection. As they say, “Viola!

Joyful Artist Studio and Creative Lab was born.

I’ve had my doubts as this process has unfolded. I think these doubts are almost universal:

Am I good enough?

Do I know enough?

Will people like it?

Will they like me?

Here’s the thing, We Are All Good Enough.

In the words of Panache Desai, “You are not broken. You don’t need fixing.”

Let’s just coax your creativity out of its hiding place, okay?

About 90% of you tell me that you are not creative or artistic or talented…whatever term you prefer to use. It’s not true. We all have a Joyful Artist that lives inside. She just gets shut down with self-criticism and judgment.I know that and I want you to meet your Inner Artist! If you are shy you can get my 52 Creativity Boosters delivered to your email for only $7.

If you are local, just come over to the No Judgment Zone  and see what happens. I want to see your face light up when you realize that You Are Good Enough. That’s why I have the “I’m Good Enough Guarantee.” 😉 You are. I am too.

lil artist250It feels like I’m jumping off the cliff, yet at the same time, it feels like the Joyful Artist Studio and Creative Lab is everything that I’ve been dreaming about all along.

Its fun out here in the full out, wind-in-my-hair, warp speed, fabulous life, so come out and play with me!

Human Design

I have become a real fan of Human Design, a combination of i Ching, astrology and Kaballah. In human design terms I am a 4/6 Generator with lots of tribal energy. Knowing about this system has helped me live more according to my strategy (wait to respond) and has helped heal the deep burn out I suffered for several years. It also helps explain some questionable relationship choices I made 😉  So I am in the moment, all about transmitting values and making agreements between people.