Celebrate Your Mask!

Presenting the next Joyful Artist event – Celebrate Your Mask! Born from our first Doodle & maskNoodle participants, our next fun event will be a mask decorating Creative Circle. After all Halloween is right around the corner. Feathers, sequins, glitter – hey baby you can use them all in this fun project!

Plus, I love the layers involved in the idea of celebrating our Masks.  Maybe its the after-effect of the Naples Immersion I wrote about last week, but I like the idea of taking out my “mask” and looking at it for what it is and who I really am.

But wait, here’s the cool part, the Mental Health Association of Palm Beach County is hosting Masquerade for Mental Health on October 30th. They need some masks to have on hand for attendees so you can donate your mask to MHA. Of course, you could get a ticket to the ball. It will be at the Lake Worth Casino – our fabulous new city venue, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. With this great weather, can’t you just feel the ocean breezes – and all for a good cause either way.

Mask (n) A covering worn on the face to conceal one’s identity, as: a. A covering, as of cloth, that has openings for the eyes, entirely or partly conceals the face…

Ok, back to your mask…and mine. When I was in law school one of the housemates worked midnights at a hotel. She used to appear around 9 pm with a basket of cosmetics and plop down on the couch to apply what she called “her mask.” She was completely serious. One night she said,”You don’t think I want them to know the real me, do you?” I’d never really thought of make-up as a way to hide your identity until that moment. Well, except actors of course.

Who Are You Hiding?

In the 1980s there was the movie Mask with Cher as the mom with a deformed son who wears a mask to be more normal. But that’s not usually why we were our masks is it? We wear them so others can’t see the real us, to hide our true identities.

Many time we are wearing masks with others, and sometimes even with ourselves. So today I invite you to take off your masks and examine them. Take a look at who you are.Some of mine include: lawyer, single foster mom, dog mom, Lake Worth resident, energy worker… you get the idea. We all wear many disguises – or have a single dimension that others around us see while we hide our true selves.

roles-whouarenotThen, once your mask is off think about how it has helped and hindered you along the way. Where are you going? Are any of your masks coming along? What do you want? Find the authentic you and make friends. That way, when you do have your mask on, you will know it and you can own it, not the other way around.

Celebrating Your Mask

Want to create your mask for Halloween or for a good cause? Join us on October 25th when we decorate half-masks at the home studio. You can donate yours to the Masquerade for Mental Health if you don’t have any plans that call for a mask. Better yet, get a ticket to the event and wear your mask there!

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