7 Day Collage Journaling Virtual Workshop

Collage + Journaling = 7 Day Collage Journaling Workshop.

With journaling, the mere blank pages transform into a place where you can record the most intimate parts of your soul. A place where you can travel with your deepest thoughts, emotions and confessions. A place where you can slip off the mask you present to the world and slip into something more comfortable: who you really are. It’s a deeply spiritual process when you think about it….

But many people don’t know where to start, so they never start to journal. If that’s you, the 7 Day Collage Journaling Workshop is perfect for you. 

If you want to work on your art, work on your life.

~Anton Chekhov

There are a zillion reasons to keep a journal. Well, there are at least as many reasons to journal as there are people who do it. Some people write with daily devotion; others write only sporadically as the need to express comes up. Some people record a more mundane account of events (my grandma did this) while others highlight one or two events and launch into an essay of emotion about it. Some of us like to doodle and draw in addition to or instead of writing. CAM00757

Then there are those of us who are sporadic journalers. We could use a bit of accountability because we want to journal, but life gets in the way and we go off track. The 7 Day Collage Workshop is perfect! It’s only  7 days long.

The Collage Journaling Workshop gives you a jump start two ways:

Each day you will receive a collage image and a question to get you started

You get to work in any medium you choose – writing, poetry, collage, drawing, painting – or a mix!

When you have a written prompt and and image, it starts both sides of your brain. When you begin creating based on the prompts, both sides of your brain work together.

Plus, you can time-shift the workshop to any time that is convenient for you. AND the Facebook group can provide the accountability that so many of us seem to need.

Marcel Proust wrote that “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” Finding those new eyes is part of what journaling has brought to my life. I’d like to help bring new eyes to your life too.

Collage is about letting the truth be revealed.

Through your creating, inner reflection, and group discussion on Facebook, you will discover and develop tools to delve into the vital, messages for YOU that are nestled within the collages… and in your Soul. Bring a sense of curiosity and play. Finish with a sense of clarity and direction.

As each daily collage is revealed, take a few moments to see all the elements and breathe in their personal meaning. Reflect on the writing prompt and how it relates to your current life circumstances – or those that you envision for your life.

Set your imagination free in your personal journal. Write – draw – paint- collage – or some combination. It’s your journal, go for it!

Details for the 7 Day Collage Journaling Workshop

The Collage Journaling Workshop provides you with a daily email for seven days. Your part is to set up a time and place for writing, drawing or whatever (and of course, to do it!) Use the prompt to explore what the images and symbols bring forth from your Soul. Go ahead, explore your Soul. It’s been waiting for you. 😉 retreat

This is a wonderful reflective process any time of the year.

What do you want to lay on the altar of remembrance?

Are there things you’d like to bring into your life at this time?

These are some of the type of questions that may arise from the collage images in this workshop and provide you with plenty of different opportunities to explore your life.

  • Perhaps you just want to start to start journaling.
  • Perhaps you want to use the Collage Journaling Workshop as a jumpstart for or a bridge between our Artist’s Way groups.
  • Or maybe you just want a way to reflect on your life and where you are headed

The 7 Day Collage Journaling Workshop Is Now Available

Part meditation, part writing, part art – the 7 Day Collage Journaling Workshop is a virtual workshop that you enjoy wherever – and whenever – you want! You will receive an email collage each day for 7 days. Set aside some time for your Collage Journaling practice and open your journal!newchp Best of all, this is a workshop you can do anytime, and even repeat it whenever you want. The meaning of the images and symbols can shift and reveal more and different themes as you grow and explore your Soul. 

So won’t you join us?

Tuition is  Very Reasonable $20

JoinHerePS Why is the price so low you ask? It’s because I can set up everything ahead of time. This course doesn’t require me (or you) to be at a certain place at a certain time. Because I have systems that automate the delivery process, I can offer this email workshop at an extremely low price. I hope you take advantage of it. Remember, you can complete it anytime, from any place – like others who have joined us from the United Kingdom, Washington, Florida, and Ohio.