Create Your 2014 Spiritual Journal

A spiritual journal is a very personal creation about your relationship with the Divine. Where a diary collects your observations about the world around you and your reaction to it, a spiritual journal is about the why and what of your inner life.

A spiritual journal can be organized around different spiritual themes, for example:

1. Your Spiritual Goals

2. Acknowledge Your Blessings

3. Collect prayers and other inspirational bits

4. Observations and Insights from Your World

5. The things that come to you in meditation or other spiritual practice

Just begin by asking yourself, “What is the most important thing going on right now?” and you’ll be off on your spiritual journeying adventure.
Your journal can be used to

Clear away distraction

Clarify Meaning

Make Sense of the World

Think Deeper


Probably the coolest part of keeping a journal of any type is that you can look back and see how you have changed, how the way you look at the world has changed, how themes continue to weave themselves into your life.

I had a sense of this unfoldment process as the Joyful Artist Studio was unfolding from over five years of writing and reinventing. Suddenly various things made sense – from why couldn’t have a yard sale (it was stuff I needed for the studio) to the very name itself.

What To Include in Your Journal

Feelings  Reactions  Ah Ha Moments  Values  Integrity  Insights

Whatever connects you to Source can be the subject of your spiritual journal. You can take one situation and journal about it over the months. Or perhaps you prefer to write about how a value influences you over the course of a year. Maybe a Letters to God style is more to your liking. For many, pictures and words composed into collage pages will be the preferred medium.

The form that your journal takes really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are intentionally connecting with the Divine over the course of the year as you develop your journal.  I found some beautiful journal books that we be using to record our spiritual adventure over the course of 2014.

We’ll be meeting the last FIRST Wednesday of the month. You can get a good price break if you pay in one installment too. Plus that is some incentive to keep up with your journal, isn’t it? The fee includes all art materials and the journal.

UPDATE: Decided to switch the Spiritual Journaling to the first Wednesday of the month, since the Creative Circles are on the last Friday, which is often the last week of the month. If you follow that (took me a minute, I confess) that means 2 ongoing events in the same week all year. Maybe too much to commit to. I get it now. So we’ll just switch Spiritual Journaling to the first Wednesday of the month.






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