In the Creative Lab with Essential Oils

Lately I have been called to work with essential oils and make some new creations here at the Creative Lab. Not only that, I’ve been called to make them in a new base – a balm! Because frankly, couldn’t we all use a nice balm from time to time? I know I could!

Here’s the dictionary definition:

noun: balm; plural noun: balms; noun: lemon balm; plural noun: lemon balms; noun: sweet balm; plural noun: sweet balms
    1. 1.
      a fragrant ointment or preparation used to heal or soothe the skin.

With the weather changing, it just seemed right to make something soothing to the skin.

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So far I’ve got five main categories of essential oil blends:

  1.  Relaxation and anti-stress blends
  2.  Sleep Blends
  3.  Sensual Blends
  4.  Focus and Clarity Blends
  5.  Mediation Blends

Blending essential oils

Each of the essential oils has a specific vibration. As I blend them, I am seeking to balance the vibrations into a blend that not only targets the issue but I also want it to smell pleasant! So I have been here in the Creative Lab experimenting all week with various certified, pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. Within each category I’ve made several variations to better target issues. So, for example, the Mediation Blends have one for releasing old patterns and another for connecting with the Divine.

I have some small (5 ml) tester tubes that are lipstick size and some are a larger 15 ml size. If you would like to try some out, let me know. Shipping is very reasonable on them. Since they are solid you can easily travel with them too! The 5 ml tubes are $7 and the 15 ml tubes (should last you the whole winter) are $20 for most blends.