What Is Creativity Anyway?

People seem quick to declare that they are not creative, but what is creativity anyway? And where does it come from? I wasn’t particularly thinking about these things but someone sent me a video to a John Cleese talk on Creativity just after some new artists declared they were creative with dance. You can find a shorter version of the video here.

So What is Creativity?

I have always assumed (known?) that each of us has a unique way we express our creativity. The answer to the question”What is creativity?” is that creativity is the expression of your authentic self – however that comes out of you – all 7.2 billion of you. It could be dance, painting, your yard, your ferret clothing collection, or your stamp collection. You will probably get a clue about where you will find your creative expression from thinking about the activities that bring you joy. At least that’s how I think about what creativity is.

If you are lucky you find your creative path and hone it over time. For many though, life intervenes and the expression changes, especially if you have kids. So much of parents’ creativity goes into raising their families. The transition of children leaving home can be a tricky one for creative types who expressed it through their families. As a divorce lawyer I certainly saw families fall apart at this transitional time (and many other transitions too).

I opened the studio especially for women who are going through these transitional times. To make transitions smoother and less painful, it is so important to reconnect and reaffirm who you are at your core and then to express yourself creativity. Maybe that means stepping out and trying something new like Intuitive Painting or a Life Wheel Collage. Maybe it means sitting quietly to listen for what’s next for you – a huge challenge in the device-addicted world we live in now.

That brings me to my last point: Do Not Stay Away For Lack of Money. That’s what Friday Goddess Night Out is for. I added the suggested donation because the lack of guidelines makes some women uneasy. The idea was that if you were doing well, you could put more in the basket to cover for those who can’t contribute at the moment or you could “catch up” when you were in better circumstances. I want you to be able to come and create through whatever it is that you are going through.

But we were brought up not to talk about money and to have shame when we perceive that we have lack of something like money. I am encouraging you to come to GNO no matter what your finances are. I also have one internship opportunity for each Paint Your Purpose Workshop. In exchange for helping me with some of the details of the workshop, you get to attend at no cost.

You need creative expression when you are going through transitions. That’s what the Joyful Artist Studio and Creative Lab is all about…. creativity and breaking free of limiting beliefs about yourself and your situation. So come on over and get input and love from the Goddesses, okay? So really, don’t let money keep you away. This community will love and carry you through and pay it forward – just like you will do when you are able. That’s what a creative family is about. So don’t stay away.

Looking For Your Soul Signature?

If you are exploring yourself in a transition or not, get Panache Desai’s new book. It’s a 33 day program for discovering your purpose, passion and joy.