Graphic Recording at Your Event

What is Graphic Recording?

I had the opportunity to do some graphic recording at the TED Women event sponsored by TEDx Delray Beach earlier this month. Graphic recording is an interactive process used during conferences and speaker events to depict the theme and major discussion points of the event’s speaker(s). Each art piece is created on-site, simultaneous with the speaker’s session and is designed to focus participant interaction during breaks. They can also be used as participants gifts post-conference.

For a typical conference room, the graphic pieces are approximately six feet long and four feet high. Ideally, given sufficient wall space for all the pieces to be displayed simultaneously in the main room, the artist moves around the room to the blank newsprint sections as the speakers progress through the program.

MRHtreasuremapBenefits of Using a Graphic Recorder

When displayed in conference areas during breaks and after the event, the graphic recording pieces foster participant interactions that are specifically focused on the event and the speakers’ topics. The pieces graphically represent the focal points of each the speaker and the colorful depictions generate discussion related to the pieces and thus keep things more centered on the conference themes and topics while the participants are on breaks and at the end of the day.

Thinking About Using a Graphic Recorder?

If you are planning an event and are considering using graphic recording, check out the info sheet I prepared about it by entering your first name and email address below.