More Joy Unfolding

Joy is such a funny thing. As I was cleaning out files from my hard drive, I had to break out into laughter as I checked out some workshops that I developed a few years ago. Oh, and it’s not just the workshops, it’s the ad copy and list of materials for participants and handouts ready to print and put into notebooks – the whole workshop enchilada.

Guess what the titles are?

More Joy Than You Can Stand


Living Your Joy

Yep, sitting there in a folder called “Joy.” Pretty funny, huh? Right in front of my face, all happening about three years ago. Instead of recognizing and seizing the moment, I needed to recycle an old relationship and circle back to it. It’s true that I don’t usually do things the easy way, ever. So anyway, I have these complete workshops, ready to go, just waiting.

heartMore Joy than You Can Stand

The More Joy Than You Can Stand is a one day workshop about reinvigorating your dream, or finding a new one. We’ll spend the morning looking at how you are leaking time and talking about the 10 Truths About Creating. Then we’ll do a brief Creativity Meditation you’ll get an mp3) and a really fun Creativity Play Session before lunch. After lunch, we paint! Fun, right?

Living Your Joy

The Living Your Joy expands on the More Joy workshop in a two day retreat. This time we look specifically at the Shadow aspect and the stories we tell ourselves. Like the Celebrate Your Mask event we had at Halloween, we’ll take a look at how those parts we so often deem”bad” or “negative” are the biggest gifts. There’s a cool Discover Your Soul Purpose meditation (you’ll get an mp3 copy). We’ll also help you construct a plan to find the time and money to pursue your dream. And we paint. How sweet is that? (I see you smiling.)

So yeah, a funny thing happened as I was cleaning my hard drive files. I found these two great Joy sessions that are ready to go as soon as the space reveals itself. If you want to “prime the pump” I’ve put together a two week email course on your Joyful Dreamer. If you provide your name and best email address, I’ll start sending you the emails within 20 minutes. Hey some lawyer behaviors, like efficiency, can come in handy here too.  So go ahead and start dreaming today.