Joyful Artist Classes & Workshops

Art Classes & Workshops for Personal Growth

Your presence is required in this World. Art helps you be present! Art classes and workshops are held each week to help you discover yourself and your Inner Artist.

No mastery. There are no comparisons or competition invited or permitted. The Joyful Artist Studio & Creative Lab is about play, discovery, and smiles. It’s about creating a safe, nurturing space to free your creative genius so that you can nourish your soul and it can nourish your whole life.

Have you been feeling stuck in life? Been  through something big recently? Ready to reclaim your groove? Are you ready to step out and try something to bring forth your creativity? Play, discover, and have FUN here at the Joyful Artist Studio and Creative Lab’s classes and workshops.


No art experience required!

Release your creativity. Explore your soul. Dream. Smile. Play.

That’s how we roll here at the Studio. Express yourself through different methods and experience transformation and personal growth and Fun. Listen to your Heart. Paint it out. Add some Glitter. Maybe some feathers. Listen to your Soul calling. That’s what this space is all about – exploring You and your Inner Artist.

So “art class” is probably not the right word for what it is that we do here at the Joyful Artist Studio & Creative Lab. But the pesky Internet likes keywords such as art classes and workshops so you can find your tribe.

We gather.

We circle.

We explore.

This Studio is a No Judgment Zone

We are not about technique here. We’re about exploration and transformation. Listen from your Heart. See from your Soul. Access your Inner Artist. Go deep within and let go of judgments, shame, pain, shyness, lack of confidence and any other crap that you’ve been holding on to.

And yes, silence your Inner Critic. You won’t be judged on your technique because that’s not how we roll here in the No Judgment Zone. 🙂

Then there is always the

I’m Good Enough Guarantee

if you don’t think you’re good enough by the end of the session, you don’t pay. Who else offers THAT? Makes you smile just thinking about it, doesn’t it?

Creative Offerings a/k/a Art Classes and Workshops

Vision Boards

Scan some magazines for images. Let your eyes float and see what you are attracted to. Clip the images and put them on a board. Add words or not. This is a three hour exercise in creating the life you want!

Intuitive Painting

Call forth from your Inner Artist and paint from your heart. Intuitive painting helps you express things you may not even realize are inside you. It is one of the few times that you can be completely in the moment, like when you were a little kid. Being in the moment helps you connect to yourself. Try it.

Collage from Your Soul

We were all born with creativity. Even if you believe yours has been buried or lost, Collage from the Soul can help you connect with your Inner Artist. Add color, some sparkly things and before you know it – you are in the flow and smiling.

Art Journaling

Combine the art of journaling and your creativity when you create an Art journal. this is a great workshop to do with a group of friends.

Goddess Night Out/Creativity Circles

Connection, awakening, self-confidence. Explore your Inner Artist when you schedule a Goddess Night Out Creativity Circle. We will make a simple craft to take home and explore a topic of your choice.

Paint Party

Bring your favorite beverage out and we’ll have some fun painting. Enjoy this special “Happy Hour” with your friends and a glass of Merlot or maybe a nice Rose. Doesn’t matter, just have fun painting. This workshop is good for those who are more timid about creativity.

Artist’s Way Group

Meet with other creative souls and explore your spiritual path in this 13 week group. We use the book by Julia Cameron as our guide while we serve each other as accountability and growth partners. Meets weekly for 13 weeks. Available in person and virtually.


 I’m Good Enough Guarantee

If you don’t end the class or workshop  session feeling like you are good enough, you don’t pay. Simple, huh? That’s because I’ve seen enough people walk through the door with a huge Inner Critic and walk out knowing in their heart of hearts that they are good enough!