Paint Your Purpose – Even If You Are Not an Artist!

Paint Your Purpose

Even If You Are Not an Artist!

A day long workshop dedicated to finding and living your life purpose.  This workshop is designed for non-artists who want to have more fun & creativity in a No-Judgment Zone. It’s even for those of you who are little intimidated by painting!

Does any of this RING a BELL?

  • Have you’ve fallen into a rut and want to get out? (Baby, grab a lifeline because this is your chance)
  • Are you aching find and live your life purpose but don’t know how? (We are here to get you started in a safe and fun way)
  • Maybe you feel like you’ve lost your purpose or maybe never had it nurtured  (Now is the time to come on over and grab a lifeline)
  • Perhaps you have had to put your purpose and dreams aside & want to get them back (Spend some time with your passion and reignite your dreams)
  • And for those you thinking that you don’t really have a dream…. (come out of your house girlfriend and let’s start exploring!)

So Wpaint purposehat If You “Can’t Paint”? Don’t Let That Stop You!

Please don’t worry about your “ability” as a painter. We will help you ignite your creative spark so that you can find and live your life purpose, or at least not make the same mistakes in the next chapter of your life. 😉  Remember, it’s not about a pretty picture.

And NO it doesn’t matter if you have not painted since you were a kid (apartments and houses don’t count)…in fact, if you haven’t painted since you were a kid, you better sign up now.

Can One Day Really Change Your Life?

This one day workshop will give you the focus and tools to help you align with your dream, so you can live your purpose.  Even if you have no idea what you want to “be” when you grow up, once you show up for this workshop, you can start on the path to finding and living your life purpose. It doesn’t matter whether you don’t know what your purpose is or whether you are struggling to re-ignite your passion for it, this workshop will center you and provide you a clear path to more fun, creativity and passion in your life. Yep, one day really CAN change your life! (Once you are willing to take the first step and show up for it!)

You will discover the Top 10 Truths about Living your Purpose and uncover ways to overcome the myths and false beliefs about living a life of passion and purpose. Did you get the message that work involved struggle? How about the message that its okay to be a creative type, but you can’t support yourself that way? Those messages get stuck in our heads and we start to hide our light. But you can let your light shine again Sister!

Your inner artist is showing even if you can’t see her

It’s incredible the number of bright creative women who tell me that they “can’t” paint or aren’t creative. At Paint Your Purpose you will discover your Inner Artist! And yes, you DO have one. She’s fabulous and you can meet her at Paint Your Purpose.

There will be no  “shoulding” on yourself in the No Judgment Zone, do we have a deal? The painting in this workshop is about exploring your process and your purpose. It’s not about hanging up a pretty picture that looks similar to the other ten that were painted that night. Not to knock the franchise places, but we are more about your individual creative process than pretty pictures because we know that behind pretty pictures are messy canvases! paint The day combines hands-on creative, purpose-provoking exercises and an introduction to using creativity & Intuitive Painting to help you live your life purpose. And you have an actionable plan when you leave the Studio!

I also added a Human Design Chart to this workshop so that you can know your “type” and how you best work. Usually this is reserved for my private coaching clients but this chart contains important information for those seeking to fulfill their purpose in life. It can assist your decision making and allow you to understand your true nature at a deeper level. To me it is a big key to unlocking your purpose in life. And you get that before the workshop even starts!

Workshop on Sunday, May 4th

Registration $75 <– Click Here Now

Your Purpose Needs Action

As you explore and create and get a clearer vision of where you are going – whether it’s an encore career, a total reinvention, a wanted or unwanted transition – renew or find your purpose and complete a vision for your next steps…even if you don’t know what direction you are heading at this moment. One thing about attending workshops is that you come away inspired but when the alarm clock rings the next time, you can fall right back into that comfy rut! I want to you stay away from your rut and that requires some concrete action steps. We will discover a way to best support your growth and forward movement.  You will come away from this workshop with an Inspired Action Plan.Pamela.S.Wynn

Here’s what we’ll do in the Paint Your Purpose Workshop:

  • Intro to Your Human Design Chart
  • Life Purpose Card Reading
  • A day of fun and exploration, with a little painting mixed in.
  • Clear a path to more fun, creativity and purpose in your life

But you already know that this workshop is more about BEing and DOing, right? It is informal. Sometimes it’s messy. Sometimes it’s messier than others… Let the circle support you as you explore the next chapter of yourself.

Are you ready to discover some simple tools to help you align with your dream, so you can live your purpose? Paint Your Purpose is designed for non-artists who want to have more fun & creativity in a No-Judgment Zone and come away from this workshop with an Inspired Action Plan.

Registration for Paint Your Purpose

Register for May 4th Workshop



P.S. I am sincere when I tell you that I do not think I will ever offer this all day workshop at this price gain. If you are looking for your life purpose or want to reignite your passion, you simply have to attend.

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