Paint and Wine

Curious about Paint and Wine at the Joyful Artist Studio & Creative Lab in West Palm Beach??

Don’t want to come because it is painting and you don’t want to compare yourself?

Take a Deep Breath.


Know that your Inner Artist is in there waiting to be set free!! She really is in there. And she wants out. She is longing to be free. It’s all simple and completely stress free! Everybody gets a gold star! Absolutely no painting experience is needed for Paint and Wine, and I take care of all art supplies.

winetableHere’s what we do at Paint & Wine.

A little mediation.

Draw a card and check it out.

Pour some grape juice.

Choose a canvas.

Let some colors choose you.

Put the paint on the canvas.

Drink some grape juice.

Put more paint on canvas.

You get the idea…a little paint, a little wine.

I supply everything you need to create your art. You bring all the wine stuff along, and a snack if you want. There are aprons and big shirts available to wear to protect your clothing. There are even silly hats to encourage your silly side to come and play.

Paint and Wine is a fun, safe environment to experiment in.  No art or painting experience is required. If you get stuck, there is help. Don’t worry. It is a great place to have fun with your friends, meet new friends, relax and explore your Inner Artist.

Paint and Wine is not just about a painting. It’s about creative energy, transformation and fun!

Watch as your canvas goes from blank white to a creative masterpiece in just two hours. You will amaze yourself with how much creativity you buried in side. Plus, you will have an evening full of artsy fun with friends or meeting new ones.

Paint and Wine is held on a Friday evening, usually monthly. You can also schedule a private party Paint & Wine and celebrate any occasion with your friends.  Just ask me about it.