pARTS of Palm Play Session

At this session we will use parts of palm tress to make art. It started like this: The calendar had Palm Sunday marked and it got me thinking about weaving palms and those Palm Sunday crosses you get at some churches. From there I was recalling painting coconuts at the Artful Dreamer Studio, and it just snowballed after a Pinterest session that lasted longer than I am comfortable admitting.

As simple as painting a coconut or as complex as constructing a spirit doll, you decide. This will be a fun afternoon using natural materials to spur your creativity. Use some fronds and a pod, weave or not, paint it or leave it natural. The purpose of this session is to play with nature and your creative juices.

Here’s a picture of the rare golden tailed pod fish to get you thinking

palm fish

Of course, you could go tribal like this mask or even sparkly blue like this one

Parts of Palm

Fronds can be woven or not. There are different types, some more fringe-y like areca palms, while coconut palm fronds are more individuated and strong. In days gone by I have used coconut palms to weave hats and baskets and angel fish.

I’ve been noticing palm frond stems while walking Pixie in the morning. Our royal palm fronds, including stems crash down out front sometimes. They weigh up to 50 pounds each and can be dangerous if you are under them when they fall. They make some cool bases for painting. Both of masks that are linked above are from the stem portion.

Also popular now is the burlap-like palm “cloth.” I’ve gathered a fair amount of that from cabbage palms. I have no idea why there seems to be so much of it around….maybe because its been windy and the d=fronds are dropping and pulling it off. IDK but it’s cool to use.

For pARTS of Palm you can choose any part you want. there’s a ton of stuff to add to your parts so your creative juices can really get flowing. A fun afternoon for $25.00 on April 13th. We will start at 1:30 so the dancers have a chance to get here.