Sacred Masks: October Workshop

Do you have a sacred mask lurking inside you? How many masks do you wear? Mother, wife, sister, aunt, student, lawyer, artist….we all have different roles we play in our lives, but we seldom take the time to step away and to actually look at what our roles, or our sacred masks, mean to us and our daily lives, so here’s your chance!

You won’t want to miss this Sacred Mask Workshop on Sunday, October 19th at 1 pm! Interestingly, most of us focus on changing our inner realities but changing your outward appearance with a symbolic mask can create a cathartic effect. You do not need any mask-making or art experience to attend this workshop!

The Sacred Mask Workshop is for You if:

Feel like your energy is “stuck”

Have some vague discontented feeling

Have been irritable or frustrated lately

Want more spontaneity in your life

Want to more explore your values and sense of self

Masks have been used for thousands of years to reveal the hidden facets of human beings. Each of us is a composite being with the capacity to express any and all human characteristics and emotions. Nearly every culture has a mask-making tradition as part of their story-telling rituals. Mask work will challenge you to take new risks and develop stronger tools for life on life’s terms.

Why Sacred Masks?

Sacred masks reveal as they transform. Whether you want to explore your emerging self, archetypal energies, your own values or anything else, this workshop allows you create and transform in a gentle, supportive atmosphere.

Sacred masks invite us to enter a form of an altered state of consciousness and invite universal energies to be expressed through us, allowing new or split-part of ourselves to be embodied. ┬áRather than wearing masks, we can hide┬ábehind, we are creating images of what we want to become. The sacred mask’s form, and the creative process that births it holds potent energies that reflect both internal and external Truths. Color, texture and shapes all emerge as sacred messengers.

joyful-artists-at-playRather than masking your true Self, sacred masks reveals the details of our true nature. the reflection that occurs during your creative process shifts and changes so that you can more fully align your life and values – sacred masks serve as a Divine mirror of self.

Join The Sacred Mask Workshop

This workshop will support your personal development, reflect the evolution of your life-path and illuminate emerging energies that are waiting to be discovered. All materials are provided.

The first part of the workshop will focus on finding your masks and the values they represent in your life and second part will be actually decorating a half-mask to represent how you want to portray your mask to the world in an authentic way. It’s also a fun way to explore your creativity.

Allow yourself an afternoon without stress, in a gentle supportive place with like-minded folks. rest, become aware and renew yourself through this process. Our masks can become our allies, reminding us of the need – the absolute requirement – for self-care. Using powerful mask tools we will gently and respectfully reveal as much or as little of ourselves as we are willing to explore.

Preregistration is required for this workshop. Workshop will begin at 1 pm on Sunday, Ocotber 19th, 2014.

JoinHerePS if you want to see this pics from last year’s mask-making go here