Sugar & Salt Scrub Bar

This post originally appeared Nov. 13, 2013. It has been edited to reflect current info for the Sugar & Salt Scrub Workshop.

Salt scrub. Sugar scrub. Need a few holiday gifts and stocking stuffers? Nothing says “I care,” IMG_1162more than a handmade gift. Next Saturday afternoon we’ll be decorating the containers and scenting our mixtures with delicious essential oils.

The purpose of a salt or sugar scrub is to gently exfoliate your skin, while remoisturizing  with the essential oil and oil blends.  Exfoliating takes off that dead outer layer of skin and leaves you dewy fresh. 🙂 These mixtures are ideal for hard working hands, dry elbows, dry or calloused feet. (But be careful when using them on your feet because it gets slippery in the tub or shower!!)

Hanging Out at the Bar

Here’s what we’ll be concocting: Your choice of salt or sugar as a base. As far as the scrubs themselves they have food-grade ingredients and are designed to be hypo-allergenic. Here are the ingredients:

Salt Scrub: A mixture of Kosher and Dead Sea salts, coconut and olive oils

Sugar Scrub: Sugar and coconut oil

Available scents:

  • Cedarwood
  • Cinnamon
  • Grapefruit
  • Lavender
  • Lemongrass
  • Peppermint
  • Rosemary
  • Tangerine
  • Ylang-ylang
  • Creative Juice (Aura Cacia)
  • Heartsong (Aura Cacia)
  • Cool Hottie (Aura Cacia)

Salt Scrub vs. Sugar Scrub

In general, sugar scrubs are more gentle and can even be used on the face. The salt scrub is hearty with larger, firmer crystals so it is good for body and feet. And the smells are good for your mind!

Think about these combos:

  • Peppermint Rosemary – earthy minty scent
  • Lemongrass Peppermint – minty lemony smell
  • Rosemary Lemongrass – fresh and uplifting odor
  • Orange Cinnamon – a classic holiday combo scent
  • Ylang ylang and Tangerine – tropical paradise scents

(Wishing for a scratch & sniff computer?) We’ve got some 8 ounce PET jars that you can be painted with acrylics and designed just right. Fill them up with your choice of scrub and scent and Viola! Gifties for the holidays, or maybe just make some for yourself.

We have a couple different sessions set up for the holidays. If you are ready to enroll, this button below will take you to Paypal so you can pre-pay. If you want to check the schedule, you can do that here. Saturday, November 30th is the first session. We’ll do it again on December 8th but I can’t guarantee all the essential oil scents will be available for the second session. 

2014 update – this workshop will be on Sunday, November 23rd, starting at 1 pm.

See you at the bar!



P.S. Everyone who tried the sample scrubs at the Open House is coming back to make some! I know many of you will be gone for the holiday weekend. Don’t worry – we’ll do this again on Sunday, December 8th.



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