Soulful Dreamer Deep Dive Vision Board Series

I’m offering the Soulful Dreamer Deep Dive Vision Board series for those who really want to dive deep into the vision board process.

“I am SUPER busy already. My work and To Do list is at least a MILE long.

I don’t have the time or money to think about what I want!”


Let’s get real for a minute here.

Are You Tired of Holding Yourself Back from Living Your Dream?

The Soulful Dreamer Deep Dive Vision Board workshop series is for those who want more of what they dream about – time, money, freedom – are a few of them.

This is a hands on series of vision board workshops and coaching calls in January 2015. Through this series, you get clarity on what you really want AND create a step-by-step plan to get traction and movement and create your dream life.

Isn’t it time to get rid of the
“ I can’t.”
“I don’t know how.”
“What’s the use?”
“There’s no money to spend on myself” and
“I’m too busy”

that keep talking to you in your head and reinforcing attitudes that stop you from having what you really want in your life?vision boardWhen self doubt, lack of worthiness, a busy schedule, and lack of knowledge continue to plague you, nothing gets off the ground. Excuses – and real life – gets in the way of you having what you crave. When you sink into that pit of lack, fear and judgement, creativity and courage tend to be the first qualities that go out the window. Fear and lack have never been good catalysts for meaningful change.

Go from vision to vitality with the support of the Soulful Dreamer Deep Dive Vision Board series.  The Deep Dive was designed to take busy, hungry-for-more, creative people like you from cloudy to clarity, so that you can live the life you have always wanted.

Are You Ready to Get A Clear Vision?

Just imagine

  • Having a clear vision for your life with a step-by-step plan for how to achieve it
  • Waking up every morning with excitement for your next step toward your Vision
  • Being an inspiration to those around you because you no longer let your past stories derail your Vision and Dreams
  • Having the tools to not only dream Big, but the confidence to achieve it!CAM00758


Here’s what you get

This series is a combination of vision board workshops and coaching calls that take you deeper into your vision and guide you into manifesting your vision.  This combination gives you support beyond creating your Vision Board.

You will actually have hands-on assistance to get past those barriers that have stopped you from having the life of your dreams.  You will also learn how to create a simple, step-by-step plan to accomplish your vision and keep on track.

  • Three  3 hour Vision Board Workshops so you can dive deep into your vision. Each board will be created for a specific purpose toward achieving your dream
  • All the materials you need for your Vision Boards ($90 value)
  • Three group coaching calls with other Visioneers who want more ($150 value) The calls will be recorded too, in case you have to miss one.

But Don’t Miss the Chance to Make 2015 Your Year of Transformation

What: Three vision board workshops

When: Jan 12 at 6 pm, Jan. 17 at 1:30, and Jan. 25 at 1 pm*

What: Three coaching calls

When: Jan. 14, 19, and26 at 7 pm

It’s my wish that you achieve your dreams. I really mean that. It is time for all of us to step out and really dive deep into who we really are and what we are here to do. I created this vision board series with coaching calls because I know how powerful it can be to have the coaching support as you bring forth your vision….It can be downright lonely when you are out there without support.

Don’t keep doing the same thing next year. It is time to dive deep and discover your hidden treasures! Join us for this unique exploration.

You will receive all the vision board series of workshops and three coaching calls throughout January 2015 for one price. If you got these separately, it’s a $240 value. I’m shaving that down to


P.S. I know that 2014 has been a tough year for many of us financially. If you need to break this into a couple payments, just email me and we will work it out, ok? I want you to be able to do this.
* You can attend any Vision Board sessions sponsored by the Joyful Artist Studio in January 2015. The dates noted correlate to the coaching calls, but it’s up to you. Ask me if you’re not sure.