Spirit Dolls – September 2014 Joyful Workshop

Saturday September 13th we will be creating and bringing to life our Spirit Dolls. This month’s workshop will involve more fabric than our usual projects but no worries if you don’t sew – you will have plenty of no-sew choices available for your spirit doll.


From www.spiritdollwisdom.com

Spirit dolls take shape from the depths of their maker’s creativity. They can be fashioned from almost anything – found and natural objects to plastic pieces or brocade fabrics.  There are plenty of choices in the Studio.

We will dive into the creative process and allow the dolls to emerge and be birthed into the world. It’s an afternoon of creativity, fun and connection as we create our Spirit Dolls together.

You can check out some Spirit Dolls on Pinterest here and here. Go ahead and get inspired. Your own Spirit Doll is getting ready to be born!

Once they emerge, Spirit Dolls serve as messengers to us, from us. Your Spirit Doll will tell 1973243_773603032690338_690761612054450866_oyou exactly the message you need to hear at exactly the right moment. Feel your Spirit move!

You will have to make a reservation for this one so that there are enough dolls for all. Reservation due by Sept. 12th. You can make reservations online here or call the studio.