Virtual Artist’s Way

Are you feeling stuck creatively?

Want to get more zest from life?

Live outside of South Florida so you can’t attend the local gathering of The Artist’s Way?

Join us for a 12 week session of virtual Artist’s Way Group!

Check this page to see if The Artist’s Way Group is for you…Chances are if you found this page, this is your tribe! Come and join us. We will get you unstuck and taking good care of yourself when you join the tribe at the Virtual Artist’s Way Group.

With the Virtual Artist’s Way Group, everything is basically the same as The Artist’s Way face-to-face group except you are on the computer at your house (or wherever).

For about an hour each week on Monday evening at 8 pm ET, we will gather online to Check In and discuss the Tasks and our Artists’ Dates. You’ll get some art supplies if you need to and we’ll make play together as we crack open your creativity.

Get the book, and we’ll read and do the exercises together. Don’t stay stuck. Come and play. Let your Joyful Artist out!!

Join The Virtual Artist’s Way Group Now

$60 for 12 weeks!

Starts Monday, February 23rd at 8 pm ET