Vision Board Workshop

Are YOU “Just Settling” for what’s in front you?????

If you are living a life filled with fatigue, stress, conflicts or feel like you have lost the dreams you held earlier in life, join us for a

Vision Board Workshop

Made popular by the movie The Secret, Vision Boards can help you clarify and manifest the life of your dreams. Make your Vision Board and watch what happens! We will discuss different ways to build your board and what it represents. Then you will have free reign of the studio to create a colorful collage vision board to set your journey.

When you join us for a Vision Board Workshop, you begin building, or taking the next steps toward, the dream life you crave. Your board really can help you create a life of your dreams! The Vision Board Workshop  is for everyday people who long to have more of what they desire and dream about – things like time, money, and freedom.


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Get crystal clear on what it is you really want to create. If you are ready to shed the “ I can’t,” ” I don’t know how,” “What’s the use?” “There’s not enough” and “I’m too busy attitude” that stops you from having what you really want and dream about, come to the Vision Board Workshop!

Does A Vision Board Work?

When you start assembling pictures that appeal to your deep soul, you unleash one of the most powerful forces on the planet: the human imagination. Virtually everything we humans use, do, or make exists because someone thought it up. Sparking your incredibly powerful creative mind is the reason you make a vision board. It serves as a jump start for your life.

Hi Pam,
Just wanted you to know that your vision board activity works. I did one of your fun classes last winter and my board was the beginning of a shift!!
I have manifested many of the things that I put on my board including better boundaries,calmness, and a loving relationship.  

Thank you for getting me on the path!

Big hug,


Even though it does not make logical sense, from experience I know that the act of finding and gluing these pictures on a vision board begins to catalyze something beyond your mind’s capacity to calculate or conceptualize. If you’re not already accumulating images that stir your soul, stay alert. Whenever you find them, keep them in an envelope or file.

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This Vision Board Workshop session is 2 hours. Tuition is just $30 includes all materials and light snack. Feel free to bring personal items to add to your board

Take a Deep Dive

If you are ready to fully explore your vision, come and take a deep dive with me. For the first time I am offering a “Deep Dive” series – 3 vision board workshops and 3 coaching calls.

This Deep Dive Series is only for those who are ready to make a quantum leap forward in your life 2015.

If you are ready to get crystal clear on what you really want to create, and discover tangible & easy step-by-step guidelines to gain traction in your life, take the Deep Dive: 3 vision board sessions and 3 coaching calls. The Deep Dive is for everyday people who long to have more of what they want and dream about: Whether it is time, money, freedom or something else. You’ll take a Deep Dive into the area of your choice during this series.

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