A Week of One’s Own: Just For Me

I’ve just returned for a week at a retreat – just for me. No business agenda, just a time to step away and meditate and be among people who believe the same Universal truths that I believe. It’s been six years since I spent time and money on myself like this – and it was glorious!

naplesFor the past few years I’ve been attending Panache Desai’s Global Gathering events, spending a long weekend with my “soul family.” This year I decided to make a quantum leap and spend a week with Panache at his Immersion event in Naples, Florida. Just for me.

Like other live events he does, the Immersion is difficult to describe in words since it is an experiential event – a “happening” 😉  So the overall spirit and feel is that we gather, he talks, we cry, we meditate, we giggle and over the course of the day our vibration heightens. We did this for six days in a row and I have to tell you, something big shifted.

For the first time I realized how courageous my attempts to leave the Law have been. While I ended up returning each time, I took the leap. Many people live their whole lives without ever taking any leap – big or small. For me, that was simply not an option. I couldn’t keep going the way I was, something had to change. For me.

And that took courage to jump off the cliff of security and status. I suppose there is some notion of claiming some warrior self within me but it doesn’t really feel like war or battle. It feels like unfolding. This whole adventure of the Joyful Artist seems like unfolding. While there are practical details that sometimes send me into sheer panic – sell the house? Where to go? Stay here? Work/live place? Lease a studio? Yak Yak Yak…on it goes in my head until my heart is pounding and my palms are sweating. And then I remember to step away. Just for me. Close your eyes, open your palms and take some breaths. Just for you.

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